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Not Seeing Data in Analytics

Premium & Patron members gain access to "Analytics" that allow them to see useful statistics about which websites and categories are being blocked.  If you are a Premium or Patron member, but you are NOT seeing any statistics for a particular FreeFiltering profile, that could mean one of the following:

1)  You've successfully set up your router to use our "Standard DNS Servers", but you're looking at the Analytics for a separate FreeFiltering profile that you've set up for another person, from which we are not receiving DNS requests.  
As a general rule, if you have successfully switched your router over from "Automatic DNS" to "Manual DNS" pointing to our "Standard DNS Servers", that means any device connected to your wi-fi is sending DNS requests to us by default and we're responding with the filter settings from your "Main Profile".  We know to respond with the specific filter settings for your "Main Profile" because the DNS requests are coming from your unique IP address which is automatically detected each time you log in to your FreeFiltering account.  (You can view your "Registered IP Addresses for DNS" on your "Settings" page.  It will be a string of numbers separated by periods, that looks something like this:  12.345.678.901)

So, if you've successfully changed your router's DNS settings to reflect our "Standard DNS Servers", you should see lots of statistics for your "Main Profile" on the "Analytics" page.  You will even see DNS requests happening in real time for any device connected to your wi-fi, if you go to "Realtime" and view your "Main Profile".  

Since you're a Premium or Patron member, you have the option to set up separate profiles, each with its own unique filter settings.  Suppose you set up a separate profile for your firstborn child, since they're the oldest, and you want them to have access to some things that younger kids won't have access to.  Even though you create a new "sub-profile" under "Additional User/Device Profiles" on your "Settings" page, this does NOT mean that your firstborn will automatically have the filter settings for that profile applied to their device automatically.  Why?  Because we need to know that the DNS requests are coming from your firstborn child's specific device, so we can respond with their profile's specific filter settings.  Otherwise, we just apply the settings from your "Main Profile" to their device, because we think their device is just like any other device making DNS requests from your unique IP address.  This is why you might not be seeing any statistics for their profile - because we are lumping their requests in with the DNS requests from every other device sending requests from your wi-fi network.

How can you ensure that the specific settings for their profile are being applied to their device?  You need to set up "DNS over HTTPS" or "DNS over TLS" on their specific device, using the unique URL for their profile:



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