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Why are Bad Results Coming Up if "Safe Search" is Enabled?

First, a little background on how "Safe Search" works:

Each search engine determines what they consider "safe" or "unsafe" - we unfortunately have no control over how they define what constitutes a "safe" or "unsafe" search. So, Google might have a different interpretation of what is "safe" than Bing does, and vice versa. 

Since the Big Tech companies operating search engines think that abortion is just a normal part of routine healthcare, they most likely won't block search results related to it.  But, if you click on a link for an abortion provider, the page shouldn't load (if it DOES, let us know, so we can add it to the abortion block list!).  The last time we checked, DuckDuckGo was making money off abortion ads, just like Google and Bing.  We would venture to guess that if you search for "Planned Parenthood" in any search engine, you'll see results on the search results page. BUT, if you try to click through to one of Planned Parenthood's websites, it should be blocked.  Where it gets really difficult for us is making the decision whether to block, or not block, an entire domain like webMD.com. They might have a page that comes up with information about abortion, but since their entire website isn't devoted to promoting abortion, we probably wouldn't include them on the "abortion" block list. We don't want to frustrate the vast majority of users who might be using that website for general health information. 

If you find that any of the "safe search" search engines are terrible, let us know, and we can decide whether to remove them from the "safe search" category and block them entirely. 

Note:  While you'll find that the "Safe Search" mode from the major search engines blocks most explicit pornography, you'll find that they do not block immodesty, especially in "image search" results.  We pray for the day when a Christian company will build a search engine based on Christian values.  Until then, it is important for parents to help their children develop the virtue of "running away" from sexual temptation online, just like Joseph ran from Potiphar's wife.


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