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How We Instantly Detect & Block Pornographic Websites
We've already got 2 million+ porn domains blocked on our "adult" list. That mean... more
Default Filters for Unrecognized IP Addresses
Each time you log into your FreeFiltering Settings page, we automatically detect... more
How to Clear DNS Cache in Chrome
1) Copy and paste “chrome://net-internals” in the Chrome address bar and press E... more
How to Clear DNS Cache
How to clear the DNS cache in: 1) Chrome (https://freefiltering.ladesk.com/16... more
I've Unblocked a Category or Site, but it's STILL Being Blocked!
Occasionally, you might be confused because you've UNBLOCKED a category (or webs... more
Do Filters Work If I'm Using a VPN?
Short answer: If you are using a VPN, in almost all cases your FreeFiltering se... more
Do You Log DNS Requests?
For users on the free plan, the past 30 days of DNS requests are logged to your ... more

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