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Filter iOS Devices If You Can't Adjust DNS on Router

Important Note:  This method of filtering an iOS device (iPod, iPad, iPhone) should only be used by FREE users, if:
a)  You have been unable to adjust your router to use our DNS, and
b)  You are OK with the device only being filtered when connected to your Wi-Fi network.  (If the device has a cell data plan, it will NOT be filtered if not connected to Wi-Fi!)

Premium & Patron members should not use this method of filtering.  Instead, they should create a separate FreeFiltering profile for each iOS device and download the unique iOS "Configuration Profile" to each device.

If you have been unable to adjust your Wi-Fi router to use our "Standard DNS Servers", an alternative is to instruct individual devices to use our DNS servers.  It is important to note that the filters will only work when connected to the Wi-Fi network for which you're adjusting the DNS on the iOS device.

How to Change the DNS for a Specific Wi-Fi Network on an iOS device:

1)  Go to Settings on the iOS device you want to filter:

2) Tap Wi-Fi:


3)  Tap the lowercase information icon next to the network your device is connected to.  Please note:  After completing all the steps, this device will only be filtered when connected to this Wi-Fi network!


4)  On the next screen, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap "Configure DNS".


5)  By default, "Automatic" will probably be selected.  Tap "Manual" and enter the "Standard DNS Servers" from your FreeFiltering "Settings" page.  Then tap "Save".
NOTE:  The "Standard DNS Servers" listed on your "Settings" page should be used - they might be different than the server addresses in this screenshot!

Now this iOS device will be filtered according to the filter settings of your "Main Profile" when connected to this Wi-Fi network.  Users on the FREE plan only have access to the "Main Profile" settings.  Premium/Patron members can add an unlimited number of sub-profiles for individual devices or family members, each with their own unique settings.

5)  Try visiting some of the abortion websites on this list to ensure they are blocked.

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