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Arris SBG7600AC2 - How to Set Up DNS Filters

1)  Open a web browser like Chrome, Edge, or Safari.  Type into the address bar, and press "Enter".  The login page for the router administration settings should appear.  If you don't see a login page, use these instructions to find the address for your network gateway.

NOTE: You may see a security or privacy warning appear in the browser, alerting you to proceed with caution.  You can safely ignore this warning - there is no danger in proceeding.  

2)  On the next page, enter admin as the User Name.  Enter password in the Password field (unless you have already changed the password previously).

NOTE: When using the default password to login, you may be asked to set up a new, unique password before proceeding to the Web Manager.  Be sure to make note of the new password you select, as you will need it in the future to log into the router administrative settings.


3)  Click on "LAN Setup":



4)  Scroll down to the "DNS Override" section.  Check the box beside "Enable DNS Override".  Enter the "Standard DNS Servers" located on your FreeFiltering "Settings" page.  (NOTE:  The "Standard DNS Servers" listed on your "Settings" page may be different than those pictured below!)  Click "Apply".  Your router may re-boot.  If so, you'll need to log back into your router admin settings again, using steps #1 and #2.




5)  Next, click on "LAN Setup".  Then click "LAN SETTINGS (IPV6)"



Scroll down the page until you see "DNS Override".  Check the box beside "Enable DNS Override".  

Copy the "Standard DNS Servers" from your FreeFiltering "Settings" pageone-by-one, and paste them into the "IPv4 to IPv6" converter at iplocation.io.  Then copy and paste the "IPV6 Compressed" version of the translation into either the "Primary DNS Server IP" or "Secondary DNS Server IP" (it does not matter which value you paste into Primary or Secondary, just as long as you have different values in each field).  Be sure you paste all the colons you see in the "IPV6 Compressed" format!

Click "Apply".  Your router may be re-boot.



6)  After your router has re-booted, verify that the filters are working by attempting to visit some sites on the abortion list.

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