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Do You Log DNS Requests?

For users on the free plan, the past 30 days of DNS requests are logged to your account by default.  This gives you a nice data-set to analyze your family's browsing activity if you decide to upgrade to a Premium plan.  Here is an example of what the Analytics dashboard looks like for Premium users:

As a Premium member, you can:
1) See detailed reports on which domains were "allowed" or "blocked".
2) Search your DNS request history by device / profile.
3) View DNS requests in real-time by device / profile.
4) Download DNS requests by device / profile.
5) Choose the amount of time DNS logs are kept in your account.
6) Turn off DNS logging completely.
7) Delete your DNS log history.

Privacy for your DNS requests:
1) We will never look at your account's DNS request logs unless you ask for help with a specific technical support issue that necessitates it.
2) We will never share your DNS history with any other company or individual.

Stewardship Education:
In the future, we would like to provide our users with "Stewardship Education".  Most Christian consumers have no idea that the companies they do business with on a regular basis are actively supporting evil causes.  We'd like to shine a light on those evil activities by providing highly-targeted "Corporate Report Cards" based on aggregated DNS request data.  For example, suppose there are 1,000,000 Christian households using FreeFiltering a few years from now.  Let's say that 50,000 of those families make frequent visits to the website of a large national bank.  Since we are processing the DNS requests for those families, we are answering the question, "To what server do we send people requesting LargeNationalBank.com?".  (NOTE:  The internet does not work without someone answering these DNS requests; usually, it's your Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing answers to these DNS requests.)  We'd like to show the 50,000 users who regularly visit LargeNationalBank.com a "Corporate Report Card" that explains how the bank is actively funding abortion providers, while also undermining God's design for the nuclear family by sponsoring Pride parades and lobbying for the passage of legislation that enshrines anarchy against the Creator into law.  We might negotiate an agreement with a Christian Credit Union to sponsor Banking "Corporate Report Cards" and encourage our users to transfer their banking to the God-honoring alternative company.  If we can secure agreements with corporate sponsors who pay us to sponsor the Corporate Report Cards, we will share that revenue with our Evangelists.

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