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How We Instantly Detect & Block Pornographic Websites

We've already got 2 million+ porn domains blocked on our "adult" list.  That means those websites will be blocked automatically for anyone connected to your home Wi-Fi (assuming you've successfully set up your router to use our DNS filters).  For Premium users, those 2 million+ domains will also be blocked on mobile devices when they're AWAY from home Wi-Fi (for example, when using another Wi-Fi network or a cell connection/mobile data plan).

But what happens when someone tries to load a brand new website that isn't already classified in our database?  Porn-profiteers are constantly creating new websites on new domains to lure in victims. 

Our "Instant Classification" engine gives all of our users the added protection of classifying & blocking websites that are not already in our database "on-the-fly".  This benefit is available to ALL users (even FREE users) because we want to make the internet as safe as possible for everyone.  However, there are significant costs involved with running this Instant Classification engine so that all of our users are protected "on-the-fly".  The more users we have on the FREE plan, the higher the costs go to license the AI that performs the instant classifications on new sites.  Would you consider becoming a Patron or Premium member to help cover these costs for FREE users?

This video shows how our "Instant Classification" tool uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make instant determinations whether to block or allow a site:


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